MÖSZ – Excellent Young Expert Award

The Association of Hungarian Foundries rewards every year the most excellent young experts of the casting industry. In 2017 our colleauge, Ádám Miklós Laub earned this award with his dissertation “Design and operation of a ceramic shell quick dryer machine at Magyarmet Kft.”

Ádám Miklós Laub – process development engineer – has been working at our company since 2014. His main field of expertise is 3D technology, now he is leading the 3D printing department at Magyarmet. With rapid prototyping based on SLS technology, we are able to deliver ready-to-assemble parts within 1-2 weeks. Besides precision and flexibility the greatest advantage of the technology is rapidity. Towards this Magyarmet has been using a customized quick dryer machine based on our own know-how for drying the ceramic shells. This equipment was designed and improved by Imre Győri Jr. and Ádám Miklós Laub, and this is the subject of the winning dissertation of Excellent Young Expert Award by MÖSZ.

Congratultions for the achievement!





2017. June 01.