MAGYARMET Kft. has been using the lost wax process for the serial production of high value alloy steel products since its foundation in 1981 and is nowadays the leading Hungarian investment foundry. Our ready-to-assemble components are being used in various branches of the processing industry.

The present foundry MAGYARMET has been founded by MMG Automation Works in 1981 and furnished with update production equipment and technology. Through steady technical development, active marketing and their joint interaction many contacts to new clients in Western Europe were developed; so the foundry was successful beyond the boundaries of the parent company. In 1993 the German alloy-steel-group Schmidt+Clemens (S+C) took over the company. Thus the foundry got a wider access to the markets, while S+C closed the first one of its two precision foundries, later also the second one, and transferred the entire investment casting production to Hungary. The managing director of the foundry, Imre Győri, metallurgist, who was with MMG already at the time of construction of the foundry, raised later with his leadership MAGYARMET to a level, enabling the worldwide supply of products with excellent quality. After 10 years of cooperation within the S+C group the Hungarian management of the investment foundry took over ownership on the company and accelerated investments, technical development and market acquisitions to a remarkable level.

The former owner remained an important partner, but independence led to the expansion of the portfolio. MAGYARMET is nowadays the supplier of various branches. The wide range of products includes components for food processing equipment, pumps and valves, petrol chemistry, power engineering, vehicle industry. It is an outstanding success for MAGYARMET becoming a strategic supplier for Knorr-Bremse group in 2008. During the last couple of years millions of parts for high-speed railway brakes were delivered to Knorr-Bremse, with faultless quality, which has been honored with the “Supplier of the year” award in 2010. Among these there are products made of special alloys and with ceramic core technology. Thanks to the special materials and the unique technology. One of the new tiers of MAGYARMET’s market strategy is the automotive industry. Besides the production in 2015 we started the serial production.

MAGYARMET has always been dedicated to continuous improvement. Following this principle, managing director, Imre Győri Jr. introduced a new technology – unique in Hungary – that joins together the high-tech laser printing technology and the exceptional development of MAGYARMET during several decades in precision investment casting. Rapid prototyping based on 3D printing makes it possible for customers to get the required part machined and ready-to-assemble within two weeks.

As result of the continuous development of the production technology, high ratio of investment and a future-oriented strategy, MAGYARMET is able to increase its turnover year after year. It allows the company to strengthen its position on the market as a significant precision foundry in Europe.