Rapid prototyping


If you would ask the CEO of some successful and fair company, which is the most important factor, leading to the success of their company, almost certainly the answer would be: the complex servicing of the client’s demands. At first the answer could sound simply, because the respective products should be produced with good quality and delivered in time. But, after looking more deeply into this simple statement, we would understand right away that this is a big omission. The requirements of the clients are growing steadily, meeting them generates itself the obligatory development of the company: the innovation. In order to be able to fulfill the ever growing expectations, our company has to invest continually; it is not enough to keep pace with the present level of technology, we have to go a step ahead, to know in advance the demands of the clients, maybe better than they do. This way we can ensure the constant development, to retain the existing markets, to conquer new ones.

The continuous development and the aim to satisfy the demands of various markets led MAGYARMET to start rapid prototyping.

Customers nowadays require getting ready-to-assemble components within a week for testing prototype parts or rapidly produced spare parts.